The house is located in the neighborhood of Almagro, historically related to the tango culture; it is only one block from Corrientes Avenue and nearby the best-known tango lessons, practices and milongas.

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Un Rinconcito en Buenos Aires


Sarmiento 4333 - CPA: C1197AAL
Buenos Aires - Argentina


Outside Argentina: +54 911 4428 1462
From Argentina: 15 11 4428 1462

Un Rinconcito en Buenos Aires has numerous means of public transport handy such as trains, taxis, remises and undergrounds as well as buses- the so-called "colectivos" by Porteños.
In just a few minutes, you can get to the Neighborhoods of Monserrat, Puerto Madero, Retiro, San Nicolás, San Telmo, La Boca, Recoleta and, last but not least, Palermo.
In no time at all from Un Rinconcito en Buenos Aires,you can eat out in traditional restaurants where you can taste delicious Argentinian dishes and enjoy shows.
If you need more information about these places, we will be delighted to provide you with it during your stay.
There is a wide variety of academies where you can learn how to dance Tango nearby.
Apart from that, there are several ballrooms very near Un Rinconcito en Buenos Aires in which you can dance Tango and take part in our "milongas" from Monday to Sunday.
If you wish, we can make the necessary arrangements for you to have a wonderful time there.
You can easily get to these places by underground, bus or even on foot.
For further information on Tango academies and ballrooms browse


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Un Rinconcito en Buenos Aires
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